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You only need to choose the length of massage

The type of massage and focus areas are decided when you arrive at the clinic.

A pain relief oriented in-depth massage with focus on a smaller body part like treatment of neck or lower back. 

(Time is incl. change of clothes and payment)

A pain relief oriented in-depth massage with focus on a larger body part, like the entire back for instance, and particular focus on one or two smaller areas.

(Time is incl. change of clothes and payment)

An in-depth massage of the entire body, and also specific focus on several tension areas.

(Time is incl. change of clothes and payment)

Massage in Copenhagen

The Massage Company (aka MassageKompagniet) is located on the east side of central Copenhagen and is the largest Physiological and Sports Massage Clinic in Denmark. We specialize in muscle pain relief as well as in preventive treatments through deep tissue massage with a combination of technics from sports massage, triggerpoint and wellness massage styles among others. Your masseuse focuses on removing and relieving you of your muscle tensions and pain. He/she will often combine various massage techniques during a massage session in order to give you the absolute best result and value for your money. Your masseuse may also advise you in methods on how to avoid the daily wear and tear on your body.

Special benefits of massage at The Massage Company:

  • We focus on muscle tensions and relieve pain thereof.
  • Experience and focus on migraines & intense headaches.
  • Treatments also prevent further muscle and myofascial tensions.
  • Your client record insure that treatments adapt to ongoing developments.
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Prices are based on duration of a massage session. Regardsless of what type of massage or pain treatment, you wish.

Booking cancelations: 

We are always sad when a customer doesn’t show, cause we are always looking forward to giving you an excellent massage session. That’s why most of our clients are kind enough to cancel in good time and we never feel the need to charge a treatment that wasn’t experienced! 🙂

Physiological Massage is a versatile form of deep tissue muscle massage. The massage focuses on the musculoskeletal system with the goal of achieving optimal movement of muscles, tendons and joints. A physiological massage compensates for all the negative effects of immobile work, stress and strains. The nervous system is activated and thereby the blood circulation in muscles and tissue is stimulated. Blood pressure and flow in muscles and tissue is increased, so it is easier for the body to get rid of waste materials and regain muscle balance.

You can read more about Physiological Massage by clicking her.
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Couples Massage is a wonderful way of spending time together no matter what the relationship; married, boyfriend/girlfriend, family ect. Couples massage may also be a very good way of introducing a person to massage, if he/she has never tried a professional massage treatment before and therefore has doubts or feelings of insecurity.

Couples massage mainly focuses on relaxation and pampering. Two massage therapists take care of you as a couple and the session takes place in a room where there is space for both of you on individual massage beds.

You can read more about Couples Massage by clicking her.
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Neck Massage is a form of treatment, that is intended to restore mobility in your neck and also remedy severe headaches. The neck and shoulder areas are inclined to get more tensed up than any other part of the body. Specifically headaches and rigidity in the upper back can be traced back to the neck and can be produced by the wrong working positions, poor sleep position and much more.

You can read more about Neck Massage by clicking her.
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Sports massage is a in-depth muscle treatment that helps your body to get rid of waste materials that are blocking blood flow and helps the increase fresh oxygen and nutritious blood to your muscles. This can have great importance for people who practice sports or even people who have very monotonic work positions. If muscles are used in repeated exercises or long monotonic positions and lack sufficient oxygen supply, it will accumulate lactic acid. Our massage therapists can help get rid of lactic acid accumulations.
If you are seated for longer periods at a time, such as in front of a pc screen and therefore get tensions, the muscles will not have the desired pumping effect to get rid of old blood and waste materials. Lactic acid accumulates in the body and results in myofascial muscle tension.

You can read more about Sports Massage by clicking her.
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Wellness Massage is all about relaxation and wellbeing. If you are in need of taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle, you should really offer yourself an hour of total relaxation. Wellness massage may be the most classic massage of them all, where focus is on complete relaxation through a softer and more holistick massage. Alternatively, a wellness massage can also be combined with deep tissue massage, if your muscles are in need of being worked through due to tensiona caused by work and physical activity or mental pressure resulting in symptoms of stress. A combined choice of treatments will be evaluated by your massage therapist according to your wishes and needs, so you get the maximum value of your wellness massage session.

You can read more about Wellness Massage by clicking her.
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Back Massage is spcifically designed to reduce tensions in your back and get to grips with myofascial muscle tensions and infiltrations caused by the awkwardness of a bad working positions or sedentary work where you often also experience neck pains and severe headaches.
The massage focuses on removing tensions in muscles to loosen up your back and regain body mobility. At the same time you might experience a sensation of relief and wellbeing in your whole body, since the blood flow increases allowing better circulation to your entire body.

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Where do you find us?

The Massage Company is located in Copenhagen, just a few minutes East of the center of the city. The Massage Company is the largest Massage Clinic in Denmark and our reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook insures you of a massage therapist, who has years of experience and is specialized in pain management muscle treatments. During the massage session therapist will focus intensively on your tensions and pain by using the full arsenal of massage techniques available in order for you to get the perfect experience each time, no matter whether you have minor tensions or extreme pains.